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Insight Christmas and New Year Shutdown 2016/7

Article Date: December, 2017

Please note that Insight closes for Christmas and New Year, stopping on Friday 22nd December 2017, and returning to work on Monday 8th January 2018.

If you need to get in touch during the holiday period, e-mail Please note however that there are no manufacturing staff in during the holidays.

Sale of Spectra System

Article Date: November, 2017

Insight Sign Systems are pleased to announce that from the 1st November 2017, the Spectra Multi Signcase System est. 1971 will be under the ownership of our long term suppliers Stock Displays. Production will be moved from Glasgow to their new 20,000 square foot production facility at Doncaster, where they have the same facilities as Insight on a larger scale, allowing them to continue to produce the high quality range of Spectra sign cases, poster cases, speed flex cases and much more, using the same high quality extrusions at the same prices to ensure as smooth a change over as possible for all existing clients.

Insight will continue trading, but only supplying Highlight and Halo-Light LED lighting. We will be looking for a buyer for the Wayfinder trade mark, along with the wide range of poast profiles associated with that name. Deliveries will now be even faster due to production being concentrated on fewer products.

Highlight Mk5 Development

Article Date: September, 2014

Highlight Mk4 and Mk5 Comparison

Continuing development has been taking place on the new Highlight Mk5 profile, due out in a few months time.

To the right you can see a comparison photo (click on photo for larger image) showing the existing Mk4 profile, next to the proposed Mk5 profile. The Mk4 profile will be phased out by the start of next year, in favour of the smaller, more efficient Mk5 profile.

Highlight Mk5 Advert

If you click on the advertisement PDF to the right, you can see the small 3D printed sample of Highlight Mk5 with LEDs in place, showing how well the light is controlled with our new profile, which reduces the beam angle from 120° to around 70°. This means the light is all directed towards the sign face.

Our new range of LEDs which the Mk5 profile has been designed to take advantage of have been on test for the past 12 months, and are now being used in the Mk4 profile in the meantime. The LEDs are now 24V instead of 12V and offer more brightness per watt than any other lighting, anywhere.

Highlight Mk5

Article Date: June, 2014

Highlight Mk5 Prototype

In August/September this year, Highlight Mk5 will supersede Mk4 as part of Insight’s ongoing product development. Fixing method will remain unchanged, to allow retro-fitting of Mk5 to all Highlight’s previous fixing brackets, on which only the channel has been modified.

The main changes Highlight Mk5 introduces are to improve the efficacy of the light output, providing the maximum lumens possible for every watt of electricity consumed, together with smoother, uninterrupted light flow thanks to integral beam angle control, directing it on to the sign or fascia.

The new profile shape has evolved around two key factors: the LED/driver area, and the clip-on fit fixing brackets, offering the perfect angle to illuminate the sign or fascia without the requirement to tilt or adjust, while avoiding any light spillage from the light source which could cause glare, either via reflection of the light source into the sign, or via the light source actually being visible to passers by. This has been achieved, and simplicity retained, while still managing to reduce the dimensions over Mk4.

Illumination is by means of the brand new Lumirescent 24V LED strip, replacing the six year old 12V version which has proven very reliable, hence the fact that we are able to offer a 5 year parts warranty on the LEDs when fitted by us. The new 24V versions have been tested for the past 12 months, and are available in three variations, with the unrivalled brightest named Hyperbright. At 2050 lm/m, providing 115 lm/W, you can see it is aptly named. The two other variations are the exact same product, at the same 126 LEDs per metre, but are calibrated for better economy, while still being above average brightness and efficacy. Superbright is 1400 lm/m, providing 117 lm/W, and Ecobright is 1000 lm/m, providing 119 lm/W.

We have decided to stop producing a fluorescent version, as it has started to look very dated and inefficient compared to the LED versions, so Mk5 will be LED only. For larger contracts, if price was key, it will be possible to do a T5 fluorescent version which can fit into the new Mk4.

Prices start at £16.00 per foot for standard white Ecobright version, with a 96 hour turnaround. Faster deliveries are available, as are most standard RAL colours.

Lumirescent Hv Fast Fit LED Strip

Article Date: June, 2012

Lumirescent Hv LED Fast Fit StripInsight are pleased to announce that the three new products Highlight Hv, Halo-Light and Spectra Speed Fab Frame are all now in stock.

Another new product available from the end of August this year will be an exciting addition to the Lumirescent LED Range named Lumirescent Hv Fast Fit LED Strip. This has been designed to offer standardisation among the ever growing signage LED market that has been lost in the transition from fluorescents as the predominant light source for the past 50 years. No matter which make of fluorescent lamp you choose, from any country, they all work with the same fittings, and offer standardised levels of brightness and colour rendering. Our fast fit strip is very important in that it will be fitted using the same tried and tested layout as fluorescent lamps, and in standard lengths of 500 mm, 1,000 mm, 1,500 mm, 2,000 mm and 2,500 mm. Unlike fluorescent and 12 V LED systems, no ballast units or drivers are required, so no wiring. You simply fit the fast fit strip as you would the fluorescent (overlapping layout). Once they are fitted, simply plug them into each other, then the final plug with rectifier into the mains feed. Cost savings in labour time alone will make it worthwhile, but also electrical consumption will be up to 60% less than fluorescent to run while offering a useful life of up to 36,000 hours, and there are also weight savings to consider.

The photo to the right shows the basics, in a small signcase, and you can see a drawing of the new heat sink extrusion to which the LED strip is bonded by clicking here.

New Products (Available May)

Article Date: April, 2012

In celebration of Insight's 25th anniversary, Insight recently exhibited at Sign & Digital UK (coincidentally also celebrating its 25th anniversary) at the Birmingham NEC. Three brand new products were shown, with several existing products demonstrated also. Our new products are to be made available from May 2012 and include Highlight HV, Halo-light and Spectra Speed Fab Frame.

Sign & Digital 2012 Sign & Digital 2012

T8 Fluorescent Lamps Being Phased Out

Article Date: February, 2010

T8 Fluorescent Lamp

Insight would like all clients to know that standard T8 cool white fluorescent lamps will no longer be available from 1st March, 2010. This is good news in that you will now get better illumination in your signcases and lighting, longer lamp life, and you are helping the environment. The down side is that the tri-phosphor replacement lamps can cost almost double that of a standard lamp, but as the lamps last longer there is less replacement, so payback will be quick.

Insight can not absorb the increased lamp cost, as we have already absorbed the WEEE recycle charge of £0.15 per lamp, so to cover this we will add a lamp surcharge of +5% to the total cost of jobs with fluorescent illumination. For example, if you purchase a Highlight Mk.4 standard white fluorescent at 6,096 mm long, the cost is £200.00, but £5.00 will be added as surcharge.

To download Sylvania's documentation pertaining to the phasing out of T8 lamps in Power Point format, please click here.

LED Comparison Test

Article Date: July, 2009

Lumirescent Light Strip

We conducted comparative tests between our Lumirescent light strips and three of Europe's leading LED systems for back-lighting. Comparisons were made on electrical consumption, brightness, cost and more. To see full results of the comparisons click here.

New Products

Article Date: August, 2008

Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters

Please note that there have been some new additions to our Products area (click Products at the top of the page). If you scroll down past the normal Highlight, Spectra and Wayfinder product areas, you will see new areas for the Lumirescent LED lighting range, and Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters.

Lumirescent is our new range of LED based lighting products, running at a fraction of the electrical consumption of fluorescent lamps. Our very flexible and versatile Lumirescent strip can be used in anything from edge lighting to illumination of built up letters where normally neon would be used.

The Fabricated Stainless Steel Letters area tells you a little (more information soon) on a service we are offering for exceptionally high quality stainless steel fabricated letters.

New CNC Machinery

Article Date: June, 2008

TURBObend plus

This month sees the installation of two new state of the art CNC machines at Insight. The TURBObend Plus folding system, with its innovative 'draw and fold' features will allow us to create much more sophisticated folded panels than at present, with such features as curves, which when combined with our extrusions will increase our potential for manufacturing bespoke products.

The SMARTcut swing beam shear offers us a safer and more accurate way to cut panels.


More information on the machines can be found on the manufacturers web site.

New Speed Flex Integral

Article Date: February, 2008

Speedflex 2

Available from April, 2008 our new and enhanced Speed Flex Integral system builds on the design of the existing system, with the same attractive look, free of visible fixings, but adds some important new features.

The cover plate now has spring-assisted operation, meaning practically no effort is required to open or close it, but most importantly, when open the spring holds the cover plate in position, so when work is being carried out in the tensioning area, it will not be blown down, and it is also not loose, so no health and safety risk of it falling down on someone. This replaces the existing cover plate which was screw-free and the first of a kind in any system, but did require some effort to open and close. The drip-lip design is retained on the new cover plate, to prevent streaking down the sign face.

Potential tensioning has now been increased by around 5 mm, which can be very helpful on large signs, but more importantly the design has been modified to allow the Alumiflex tensioning tool (shown in photo above) to be used to tension the flex holders, making for a much simpler, faster, and more refined tensioning experience.

The new Speed Flex Integral will also be available in silver anodised finish, which will be very competitively priced when compared with powder coating, with faster delivery times.

The rest of the Speed Flex system will be updated during 2008 in line with the new design.

Finally, we will be offering very high quality digital printed faces, complete with laminated finish.

To see the existing and new Speed Flex Integral systems together for comparison, click here to see a .PDF document.

New Addition to Wayfinder System

Article Date: April, 2007

Click to View

The Wayfinder directional sign system was recently extended by the addition of the Fingerpost system. For full information please see the Wayfinder Fingerpost page.

Click on the image to the right to view the photo in more detail.

Sign UpDate Feature on Spectra Poster Case System

Article Date: March, 2007

Click to View

The current issue of Sign UpDate magazine features an editorial page on the recent changes to the Spectra Poster Case system.

Click on the image to the right to view the feature in more detail.

RoHS 2002/95/EC Compliant

Article Date: August, 2006

This statement confirms that to the best of our ability, after checking all components suppliers used for the manufacture of Insight Sign Systems' range of products, we conform to the directive 2002/95/EC restriction of hazardous substance. Our products are extruded aluminium sign systems, we have covered all components which are used including aluminium sheet and extrusion, powder coating materials, all nuts, bolts and fixings, fluorescent lamps, gear trays, cables, acrylics, locks, gas struts and packaging materials. We strive to make our products and workplace safe for all.

To download a printable copy of our RoHS statement in PDF format, click here.


RAL Colour Charts Online

Article Date: June, 2005

Just a note to point out that the RAL logo near the top-right of this page will take you to a page on the web site with on-screen approximations of our standard powder coated colours.


Powder Coating Peace of Mind

Article Date: April, 2004

Cromadex certificate

Insight's in-house powder coating plant now offers clients extra peace of mind through being a certified user of the high quality Cromadex Extra Life coatings system, offering an extra warranty on Insight's already high quality finish.

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